How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home – Step by Step Guide

Eyelash extensions can transform your eyelash look and also enhance your appearance. Lash extensions have been trending these days and for all the right reasons, and this is the best beauty tool that reduces the makeup time rather than increases, and every morning you wake up with beautiful eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are applied properly with strong glue that are designed to last longer. You are trying to remove them at home and you can’t get to the salon for a touch up. So, here are a few tips on how to remove eyelash extensions at home.

If you’re having a hard time finding an opportunity to visit a salon or with busy schedules. We always can’t have time to get the eyelash extensions touched-up or removed. So, avoid damaging your natural lashes and learn here how to remove eyelash extensions at home. Read the article till the end.

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Once the eyelash extensions are applied, and that are designed to last for several weeks, but after time goes you will notice that some of the lash extensions are falling or breaking out. In this case you can either go back to the salon and get new once, or remove them yourself at home.

To successfully remove your eyelash extensions at home, you should do everything that your last artist told you not to do!

Follow the below steps to remove eyelash extensions at home on your own.

01. Wash Your Face

This is very important to wash your face like you would normally do, ensure not to scrub your eyes area as it may pull on your lashes and cause damage to your natural lashes.

The step will help you to remove any mascara or eye makeup that may have on your eyelash extensions.  

02. Take a Hot or Steam Shower

Taking a hot water or steam shower is one of the best ways to loosen up the bond of the eyelash extensions glue. Also, apply a moisturizer after shower that can help to dissolve the glue for eyelash extensions.

This may not be enough to remove your eyelash extensions but it can start the process to loosen up the bond of lash extensions. you’re in the shower, ensure you do not pick, pluck, pull or rub at your eyelash extensions. otherwise, it will damage your natural lashes and your eyes.

03. Use an Oil-Based Makeup Remover

The lash artist will tell you not to use oil-based makeup or cleanser after the applications, because it will cause your eyelash extensions to fall out. When you’re trying to remove eyelash extensions, you need to use an oil-based remover or cleanser that will help to loosen any leftover eyelashes.

Using an oil-based makeup remover for a few days can be enough to remove your eyelash extensions. Remember, whatever you do, you’re trying to remove eyelash extensions. you don’t want to try to pull at your eyelash extensions using your fingers.

This is not an overnight process, you have to use oil-based products for a few days to loosen up your eyelash extensions.

04. Use Caster Oil or Coconut Oil

Use Caster Oil or Coconut Oil to Remove Lash Extensions

Using coconut oil or caster oil overnight for several days will help to dissolve the glue bonded and loosen up the glue holding your eyelash extensions as you sleep.

Gently, apply or rub oil over your lash line where the lash extensions are bonded before going to sleep, this can dissolve the bonds in the glue. Also, take care to not allow oil into your eyes.

If the oil enters into your eyes, ensure you wash it with cold water as soon as possible. 

05. Soak the Pads

Soak one to two pads in the warm oil, and then place the oiled cotton pads on your eyes, over your eyelashes. Lee it there for ten minutes or as long as it takes the cotton pads to lose the heat.

Gently place or swipe your upper lash line with the oily cotton pads and make sure that oil sits on your eyelash extensions for a few minutes. That will loosen up the glue of the lash extensions and make sure that should happen safely at home.

06. Remove Eyelash Extensions  

Again, use the same cotton pad, and gently swipe on your lash line. You can see a few lash extensions are falling off and some in the cotton pad. Make sure that this process should be done extremely carefully if you want to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

If you have tried doing the above steps and still have some random lash extensions, then don’t pull or pick at your lash extensions because it will increase the risk of damaging your natural lashes.

Usually, the lash extensions are attached with your natural lashes, if you’re pulling or picking lash extensions that will take your natural lashes along with them and will cause bald spots throughout the lash line.

Post-Removal, Be Extra Careful with Your Natural Lashes

Once your eyelash extensions are removed, be gentle with your natural lashes and take extra care of them, and maintain them properly and carefully-especially when you’re applying makeup or removing eye makeup.

Avoid applying pressure and not to put on too much makeup. Also, do not use chemical eyelash curls after removing eyelash extensions because they can damage your natural lashes in many ways. So, it’s very important to be gentle and take special care after fall out all eyelash extensions.

Is it Safe to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

You may have a lot of questions in your mind about eyelash extensions, especially when you have them for the first time. One of these questions may be whether you will need to meet a professional or lash artist to have them removed or whether they can be removed safely at home.

The best and safest way to remove eyelash extensions is to remove them by professionals in this field or lash experts. The eyelash extensions are applied with glue, so if you are not removing them properly then they will damage your natural lashes and also spread bacteria into the eye area.

Lash extensions stylist, Andra Ciulei Marin says that for the safety of your eyes and health of your natural lashes, you always wait for the lash artist to remove your lash extensions. The professionals and expects are trained and experienced with carefully removing lash extensions without damaging your natural lashes or irritating your eyes.

So, if you’re trying to remove eyelash extensions at home, ensure to do so with a technique and safer method. And try not to damage your natural lashes.   

Should I Use a Professional Eyelash Extensions Remover

The short answer is absolutely no! professional eyelash extensions remover specifically formulated with very strong glue-dissolving materials and if this gets in contact with your eyes, that will be very dangerous. The professional eyelash extensions remover should only be used by licensed and certified lash artists.

There are only two types of professional eyelash extensions remover that are commonly used in the lash industry-cream remover and gel remover.

Typically, the gel remover clears with a high viscosity and generally lash artists use this type of remover for a spot removal. The cream remover is typically more viscous than gel type and lash artists used cream remover for a complete removal of lash extensions.

These remover products are highly effective and suggest you to purchase from a professional beauty supply store.  

Can You Remove Eyelash Extensions with Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil can help your natural lashes to grow, and it can also help you to remove eyelash extensions without damaging your natural lashes. This oil is great for nursing your hair, but it is particularly effective when you use it for removing your lash extensions.

Coconut oil works faster than any other oils so you will take less than an hour to remove your eyelash extensions on your own at home.

First soften the glue with hot steam, then gently rub coconut oil on the eyelash extensions to dissolve it, and then they will fall off.

Can You Remove Eyelash Extensions with Olive Oil?

Yes, olive oil is another ultimate oil for removing your lash extensions and helping you get these false lashes out safely. Get some extra olive oil and warm it up for removal purposes.  

Soften the glue with hot steam, and place one or two cotton pads each on your eyes and wait for it to dissolve. Olive oil will keep your natural lashes healthy while breaking down the glue.

Then, gently and carefully remove eyelash extensions or apply more olive oil on your lashes if the glue hasn’t dissolved yet.   

Can You Remove Eyelash Extensions Using Castor Oil?

Castor oil is not effective or doesn’t break the bonds quickly that are made by the lash glue capering to other types of oils. You need to apply it on your lash extensions and leave it for minutes.

Also, you need to reapply it over a few days to remove eyelash extensions naturally.

Some Tips for Removing Eyelash Extensions by Yourself

Whenever, if you’re trying to remove eyelash extensions on your own, it is very important to be gentle and more careful throughout the process. No matter what type of oil you’re using to remove eyelash extensions, you should avoid pulling and rubbing.

Also, remember to use a snag-free mascara wand or cotton pads that should be lint-free to help out with the removing process. After you are done with the removing process, always make sure to wash your eyes with clean water.

FAQs on Removing Eyelash Extensions

Does Removing Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

Removing eyelash extensions shouldn’t hurt if you do it correctly and properly. Ensure you do not try to pull or rub the eyelash extensions during the process. If you rub or pull them, they will hurt and also can damage your natural lashes. Make sure to use hot steam water and oil to dissolve the lash glue.

What is the Best Eyelash Extensions Remover?

The best eyelash extensions remover can vary from person to person, and you have to do experiments with different oils to find out the right choice for you. Some of the best options you can try using hot steam water with coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil.

What do Professionals Use to Remove Eyelash Extensions?

Different lash artists or lash professionals may use different methods to remove eyelash extensions. Most professionals use cream remover, gel remover or even oil-based products to dissolve the strong eyelash glue.

Can I Remove My Lash Extensions Myself?

You can take out your own eyelash extensions, yes. However, since they utilise professional-grade remover to dissolve the lash glue, the removal procedure will be considerably slower and more careful than if you went to a professional.

Can you remove eyelash extensions quickly?

Most removal appointments for eyelash extensions last more than 30 minutes. The length of time depends on the type and quantity of extensions.


Removing eyelash extensions at home on your own is a bit of a difficult process, and if you do it incorrectly may damage your natural lashes.

Professional eyelash extensions removers should not be used on your own at home, the risks are just too many. Whenever you try to remove eyelash extensions at home, be gentle and follow the best way to remove them and try to keep your natural lashes healthy and avoid damaging them.

Hopefully you like this information, if you have any questions and suggestions about this article kindly put them in the comment box below.

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