Which Lash Serums Contain Prostaglandins

You may have observed that certain lash serums contain prostaglandins while others do not if you are in the market for one. Although helpful, prostaglandins serums can have certain negative side effects, some of which are long-lasting.

Fortunately, peptides-based serums offer a fantastic substitute with a lower risk of negative effects.

In order to determine whether or not they contained prostaglandins, I collected a list of popular eyelash growth serums and examined the contents. In this manner, you can select the item that is ideal for you!

Why It Matters

The only eyelash growth serum on the market with FDA approval is Latisse. A prostaglandin called bimatoprost serves as the active component.

Now, we know that Latisse is efficient at lengthening your eyelashes because to the various clinical studies that were conducted, but we also know that it may have negative effects.

Therefore, the same adverse effects apply to any other eyelash serum that contains a prostaglandin analogue molecule.

The following are the most frequent negative effects of prostaglandin lash serums:

  • Dryness
  • Darkening of the skin around the eye
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Fat atrophy around the eye
  • Swelling of the retina
  • Darkening of the eye color
  • Itchy eyes

Prostaglandin-based lash growth serums, with the exception of Latisse, are sold as cosmetics and are not subject to FDA approval like a pharmaceutical would be.

This indicates that the businesses are exempt from the substantial safety testing required for a medicine.

That’s a major problem.

Since these items contain an active substance, they really ought to be handled like medications.

It is crucial to consider whether you are OK with any possible adverse effects before using a prostaglandin analogue eyelash growth serum.

Lash Serums With Prostaglandins

Eyelash SerumContains Prostaglandin?Active Ingredient
GrandeLASHYesIsopropyl Cloprostenate
R + F Lash BoostYesIsopropyl Cloprostenate
RevitaLashYesDechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide
neuLASHYesIsopropyl Cloprostenate
RapidLashYesIsopropyl Cloprostenate
Babe LashYesIsopropyl Cloprostenate

There are more prostaglandin analogues besides bimatoprost. The following examples of synthetic prostaglandins can be found in the ingredient list:

  • Isopropyl cloprostenate
  • Isopropyl phenyl hydroxypentane
  • Dihydroxy cyclopentyl heptane
  • Dechloro dihydroxy difluoro ethylcloprostenolamide

So, when reading the label, it’s crucial to be aware of these other names.

Lash Serums Without Prostaglandins

The majority of these serums are peptide-based, which means they encourage the development of keratin to encourage the growth of your own lashes. The majority of these serums will help maintain the three phases of your eyelashes’ growth cycle:

  • Anagen (active growth phase)
  • Catagen (transition phase)
  • Telogen (resting phase)

Yes, they are supported by fewer clinical studies. They are considerably less likely to have negative effects, though. You must ultimately decide and accept the risks associated with your choice.


It’s difficult to pick the best eyelash growth serum.

The issue is that most of them don’t undergo the same safety testing as a drug would because they don’t include natural prostaglandins, which can have major adverse effects.

I don’t want to come across as negative. A prostaglandin serum may not cause any negative side effects for you.

I have used one for many years. However, I made that choice knowing exactly what I was getting into and had all the facts at my hands.

I hope this list aids you in making a choice. Of course, the list is not complete, and there may be additional lash serums that are not included. Simply leave a comment below if you’d want me to look at a certain serum!

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