Netflix Shares Trailer of Sex Education Season 4 Series

By Pranjal 

Finally, Netflix has released details about the fourth season of the popular web series Sex Education.

Sex Education, a popular Netflix online series, will return for a season 4. The Schitt's Creek star Daniel Levy has joined the cast of the upcoming season.

A short clip with some of the cast members and a new face was shared on the streamer's official account.

They posited, "We've arrived at 4th base and are happy to have Dan Levy as Mr. Molly. Please inform Patrick ".

The 2019 series' main character is a teenage boy whose mother is a sex therapist.

Who joins up with a high school classmate to open a covert sex therapy clinic at their university.

Since its release, the show has risen to the top of the platform's most popular shows and won praise from critics for how it addresses questions of sex, sexual identity, and body image