Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt Your Eyes? Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re getting eyelash extensions for the first time and you are wondering do eyelash extensions hurt your eyes. Or you just got eyelash extensions for the first time and are experiencing some pain. It’s common to wonder, and if the lash extensions process will cause discomfort because the eyes are such a sensitive area.

If eyelash extensions are applied properly, it does not hurt. If the process is painful, then the process is likely being done incorrectly or improperly and you should either stop or rectify the problems, and increase the risk of damaging your natural lashes and eyes.

If you’re experiencing pain during or after the process, you should immediately speak with a lash artist for a resolution. The most frequent causes for eye pain are allergic reaction to the adhesive and poorly or incorrectly attached lash extensions.

So, in this article we cover about do eyelash extensions hurt your eyes, signs of discomfort eyelash extensions after the appointment and what to do when your eyelash extensions are hurting.

Do Eyelash Extensions Hurt Your Eyes?

Eyelash extensions shouldn’t be painful and don’t hurt your eyelash if applied properly by a certified professional lash artist. The pain will come only when there’s a problem or not applied properly.

Eyelash extensions are extremely safe when applied properly by an experienced lash artist. Typically, the lash artist uses high-quality products and uses gel pads to keep your eyes shut during the process.

Well, once they are done selecting the type of lash extensions to apply on your eyes, the ash artist picks a lash extension and dips it in the lash glue, and applies it on your natural lashes without touching your skin. So, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort or any pain during and after the process.

Why Your Eyelash Extensions Hurt During the Process

  • Improper technique: if the lash artist who applied you lash extensions isn’t well-experienced or not professional, then you may experience some pain that might be their poor or improper technique. If there is any mistake by a lash artist during the process can end up hurting your eyes, whether it has been done with technique or curing of the glue.
  • Low-quality products: like any other products out there, there will be low-quality and high-quality products. Any common cause of eye irritation and itchiness during the eyelash extensions process owes to the poor quality of lash products like lash extensions glue, cleansers or even tapes used by the lash artist.
  • Crying: if you’re feeling any irritation, it is possible your eyes might tear up or you might start crying. This can end up causing irritation.
  • Opening the eyes when it should be closed: typically, the lash artist should be working while your eyes are closed, but if you open them during the process, there could be adverse consequences. If you open your eyes in between the process, that can lead to irritation during the treatment.

Why Eyelash Extensions Hurt After the Appointment

  • Poor adhesion: if the eyelash extensions are not attached properly to individual natural lashes, then it can cause discomfort and harm to your eyes and your natural lashes.
  • Improper attachment: improperly or incorrectly attached eyelash extensions can cause daily discomfort and permanent lash damage. If lash extensions are improperly attached, it can pull your natural lashes off.
  • Clumping: if single lash extensions applied to multiple natural lashes, it can lead to clumping of natural lashes and that can lead to discomfort and pain when you open and close your eyes.
  • Too much weight: an experienced lash artist will protect your lashes by using lash extensions that your natural lashes can support. There you should feel light on your eyes. If lash extensions are too much weight can lead to hair loss where the natural lashes fall off when it is under pressure.
  • Choice of extensions: this is another main reason to feel discomfort if the lash artist picks the wrong type of lash extensions to your eyes. Generally, eyelash extensions should match the thickness, length and shape of your eyes so that you feel comfortable.
  • Too much glue: if your lash artist applies too much glue that can cause chemical burn in your eyes from the excessive fumes. And that can lead to irritation to your eyes. Irritating your eyes doesn’t happen during the process, but it may happen a day or two days after the appointment with inflammation and redness. If you’re experiencing pain every time, you can wash them with cold water because lash extensions are waterproof. 
  • Allergic reaction: lash extensions are fixed to your natural lashes using a medical-grade adhesive (called cyanoacrylate). This can be allergic to some people with sensitive eyes. If you experience these problems, it can end up as inflammation, itching, redness and irritation.  

Signs of Discomfort Lash Extensions After the Appointment

Signs of Discomfort lash extensions after the Appointment

  • Swollen: you may experience mild irritation soon after getting lash extensions and that often comes with inflammation. You may notice that your eyes are hard to open or eyes are sore.
  • Itchiness: it’s common possible that your lash line may feel itchy after an appointment. Blepharitis condition is another cause where the eyelids tend to itch and hurt your eyes area.
  • Eye infection: bacteria infection like a sty, that looks like a pimple. It may cause pain and often comes with a red bum.
  • Tangled: when you wash your eyelash for time, you may feel your eyelashes are twisted and tangled, this is quite normal unless it becomes a long-term issue.
  • Uneasiness: for some people, lash extensions may feel too long, heavy and thick that it can cause pain for them to open the eyes and close the eyes.

What to Do When Your Eyelash Extensions are Hurting

The eyes area or eyelashes are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, so you should be seriously worried when they start swelling, hurting, poking, irritating or itching you. There will be questions about what to do in these cases?

First, in this situation you should inform the lash artist. So, they can do a thorough analysis to determine the cause whether it is from glue, any lash products or their application process. You will mostly have to go to the salon for an inspection.

You may also see an eye doctor if your condition worsens.

QNA’s on Eyelash Extensions

What are the Dangers of Eyelash Extensions?

Most cases, the adhesive can cause allergic reactions, as can the solvents used to remove them. Remember, cosmetic lash enhancers carry a risk of bacterial and fungal infection. Eyelash extensions may also cause irritation to the conjunctiva or cornea.

Why are My Lash Extensions Poking Me?

If your lash extensions are poking you, then there is often a result of poor applications or poor choice of lash extensions. it can lead to poking the new lashes into your eyelids or the eyes.

Sometimes the poking feeling may be experienced after a few days from getting lash extensions done when your natural lashes start to grow.


Eyelash extensions process shouldn’t be painful, the application of eyelash extensions is so comfortable and painless. Typically, your eyes should be closed during the application process. The lash artist will use medical-grade tape and gel pads to separate the lower lashes from the upper lashes. So, your lower lashes and skin is protected from the adhesive.

If you’re experiencing pain, inflammation, itchiness, or tugging sensation, the reason may be poor application or low-quality products used by lash artists. Also, if you open your eyes during the process, it can cause some discomfort and pain.

However, if you feel pain or discomfort, you should communicate with your lash technician so they can determine the cause and help you in this situation.

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