7 Signs of Bad Eyelash Extensions Application or Could Be Better

There are reasons eyelash extensions are so popular, because they give your face an amazing glow without any kind of makeup, and also make your beautiful eyes pop! The process of getting eyelash extensions correctly and properly is a bit difficult.

However, in the beauty industry, there will be big differences in the work people and it’s getting harder to find a lash technician with rich experience.

If the lash extensions application is not applied properly and correctly, you may feel pain and discomfort of eyelash extensions. So, there are some reasons why this happens…

Read the article till the end to know the 7 signs of bad eyelash extensions application.

7 Sign of Bad Eyelash Extensions Application 

The process for eyelash extensions is not easy and there are several considerations which is why you need to go to a trusted salon that offers the best eyelash extensions service. So, here we listed 7 signs of poor or bad eyelash extensions.

01. Brushing your Eyelash Extensions Causes Discomfort

You are unable to brush through your lash extensions which means it is a sign that too much lash glue has been used to bond them together. This can lead to natural lash damage and breakage.

You should be able to brush your eyelashes easily without any discomfort if the technician applied properly. Remember, too much glue means poor or bad isolation of your eyelashes during the lash extensions application.

02. The Application Burns Your Eyes, During and After the Process

This happens when a lash artist hasn’t been properly applied to your natural lashes, and the lash expert or experienced lash artist will make sure your eyes are completely safe throughout the whole process.

If your eyes are constantly burning during the process and after the process means that your lash technician has not taken the necessary safety precautions to prevent chemical fumes or lash glue coming into contact with your eyes.

So, try to search for a good lash artist with rich experience and they will apply lash extensions relaxing pain free.

03. Your Eyelash Extensions Poke and Irritate your Eyes

 This happens when an eyelash extension hasn’t been applied properly and correctly to your natural lashes. If you’re feeling discomfort or irritation it means that more than one lash extensions are attached together or applied on your skin.

When lash extensions are stuck together, it will cause premature hair loss because each lash is at a different growth stage during the lash cycle. Remember, the eyelash extensions should not be applied on the skin because the adhesive is not designed for contact with the skin.

04. Your Inner Lash Extensions are too Long and Unnatural Looking

Your friend is saying that your inner lashes are too long, then this comes down to the lash artist using long extensions for a short area of natural lashes. When the lash technician uses too long lashes in the inner corner, it creates a very fake appearance and looks unnatural.

Whenever you’re getting lash extensions, ask your lash artist to use shorter lashes in the inner eye area. That will enhance your appearance, and look natural and beautiful.

05. Your Lash Extensions Look Heavy/Fake/Thick/not Curly

This happens when you lash an artist using lash extensions that are too heavy/thick and not curls enough. Lash extensions are customized to each individual lash and they will come in different curls, length and thickness.

So, the experienced or lash expert will walk through the correct process and create a lash set that is suited to your eye shape, and they apply lash extensions properly and correctly to give a desired look.

06. Your Full Set of Lash Extensions Complete with 1 Hour

The lash extensions industry standard that a true full set of lash extensions will take up to 2 hours. When it takes less than 1 hour that means a quick job was completed, it means that they did not apply a lash extension on every eyelash or stacked a lot of lashes on your lashes causing them to be stuck together.

07.  Your Lash Extensions are All one Length from the Inner to Outer Eye

This happens when the lash technician hasn’t considered your eye shape or not knowing what would suit your best when Applying lash extensions. They need to mix 2-3 or more lash lengths to create a good set of lash extensions.

Your lashes extensions should always suit your eye shape.


Whenever you are getting eyelash extensions, always do research to find the best lash artist with rich experience, they will apply properly and correctly. If you’re feeling discomfort or irritation to your eyes, that is a sign of bad eyelash extensions.

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