What are Wispy Eyelash Extensions? How to Get the Look

Nowadays, wispy Eyelash Extensions are trending all around the world. Where a handmade lash fan is created just using 2 to 6 lashes, then applied on your natural lash line using alternating lash length. Which will give the appearance of a strip lash look.

Eyelash extensions industry is growing at an amazing speed these days. Few years ago, there were only a few types of lash techniques and their work was classic lash extensions. Then come the Russian volume lashes and mega volume lash sets.

As time goes by, eyelash extensions are trending these days and become more popular all around the world. There are new different lashing styles and techniques starting to emerge. So, most of the lash artists follow the trend and grasp the new techniques, and give us desired looks.

So, here is everything about wispy eyelash extensions, how to get wispy lash extensions, how long they last and how to maintain wispy lash extensions once you get them.

What are Wispy Eyelash extensions?

What are Wispy Eyelash extensions

Wispy eyelash extensions are the trending style because these lash extensions give your fluffy and feathery look. These lash extensions are perfect for those who are looking for a dramatic and makeup look, but noticeable lashes.

Wispy eyelash extensions is a technique, where handmade lash fans are created using 2 to 6 lashes, they applied on your natural lashes using alternating lash length, which will give you the strip lashes and Kardashian look.

Wispy lash extensions are created by using individual lashes or closed fans, and lash extensions fans are different curls and lengths. So, this way you may get fluffy lashes and noticeable spikes.

How to create Wispy Eyelash Extensions?

Wispy Eyelash Extensions can be challenging to create. Wispy lashes are little more freestyling than the Classic or Volume Eyelash Extensions, which allow the lash artist to produce a consistent set of lash extensions. If you are a lash artist, you know that it is not an easy thing to do and requires a lot of practice and hard work.

Follow these steps to create a Wispy lash:

Step 1: Prepare the Eyelashes

You must prepare the lash line and cover the lower lashes with eye pads prior to applying any lash extensions. This will not only make your job simpler for you but also put the client more at ease.

Additionally, you need to clean the natural lashes to get rid of any oil, makeup, or debris. This will promote good bonding of the lash adhesive.

Step 2: Create a Wispy Lash Map

You can begin to develop a lash map once the natural lashes are clean and the eye pads are in place. You can use this to decide where to apply each lash extension. There are several options for wispy lash maps.

You want to select shorter wisps for the opposite corner of the eye and gradually lengthen the wisps as you move towards the center of the eye. Maintain a 2-3 mm gap between the spikes or wisps and the volume fans being used to fill and add fluff.

Step 3: Apply the Wisps first

I always advise beginning with the wisps and then moving on to the louder fans. This can help you establish a more balanced overall appearance by giving you a better idea of how to spacing out the volume fans.

Start by picking up a wisp with tweezers from the outer corner of the eye. Before the adhesive dries, dip the wisp’s base into it, then press it into place.

At a 45-degree angle, approach the natural lash, and adhere the wisp close to its base. Without contacting the skin, try to get as close to the root as you can. Continue doing this until you have applied all the wispy lashes. Usually, I put 6 to 10 spikes in each eye.

Step 4: Apply the Volume Fans

It is time to continue with the volume fans now. To thicken the lash line, fans will be inserted in between the spikes. I tend to only use small fans. For instance, I like to use 2-6D fans with a narrow 0.03 mm diameter.

Additionally, I advise using just a hand-made lash fan that makes switching between lash lengths simple. Premade fans go against the freestyle vibe we are trying to achieve.

What are the Wispy Lash extensions styles?

This is important to understand, there are different types of wispy lash extensions, you need to choose from.

  • Wispy Classic Lash Extensions
  • Wispy Volume Lash Extensions
  • Wispy Hybrid Lash extensions
  • Mega volume Wispy Lash Extensions

Wispy Classic lashes: this technique can be done by combining individual lash extensions with different lengths. These lash extensions will give a fluffy and feathery look with length and some volume to your natural lashes. This style is for those who look for natural looking lashes but with more noticeable lashes.

Wispy volume lashes: this technique can be done by combining different fans of 2 to 6 lash extensions. These closed fans are used to create spikes, 2D and 6D fans will add more density and volume to your natural lashes.

Wispy hybrid lashes: this technique can be combined above both methods. This technique will create spikes with individual lash extensions and fans are created to give volume to your natural lashes.

Mega volume Wispy Lash Extensions: The most striking wispy lash designs are those with mega volume. They are ideal for those who wish to use their lashes to make a strong statement. You will need to use a mix of 2-6D fans, but primarily larger 7-12D fans, if you want to get huge volume wispy eyelash extensions. To give the effect an even more dramatic feel, utilize the 7-12D fans.

Warning regarding mega volume lashes, Never go overboard with the mascara; always be mindful of the lashes’ natural health. You want to avoid causing any harm to the natural lashes. 

Wispy Eyelash Extensions Mapping

Lash extensions mapping is a process of confirming your lash position, and it is a customized process that is different for each one of us.

There are different wispy lash extensions styles, and all of them will require different mapping. Kim K style is most popular, and it got its name after the celebrity star Kim Kardashian. Below are the different types of wispy lash extensions styles.

Kim K wispy lashes: these lash extensions are one of the most popular all around the word and most suitable for anybody. In this technique, the 10mm long lash fans are placed in the outer corners, 11mm lash fans are placed in the middle, and 7mm, 8mm and 9mm lash fans are placed in the inner corner. And usually, they use spikes 2mm longer than the main layer, and 1mm longer in the inner corner. Remember, applying 7 to 8 spikes per eye will give you a more dramatic look.

Kim K wispy lashes

Squirrel Effect: this technique is perfect for those who have round eyes. In this technique, the longest lash extensions are placed near the outer corner of the eye, and shorter lashes in the outer corner.

Squirrel Effect

Doll Effect: in this technique, the longer lash extensions are placed in the middle section of the lashes, usually 12mm lashes, then 11mm lashes placed near to the inner corner, and 10mm, 8mm and 9mm are in the corneas.

Doll Effect

Wispy Cat-eye Eyelash Extensions: in the technique, the longest lash extensions are applied in the outer corner.  

Wispy Cat-eye Eyelash Extensions

How Long Do Wispy Lash Extensions Last

Wispy eyelash extensions will last up to 6 to 8 weeks, also depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes and how you take care of them. However, you will need to infill them every 2 to 3 weeks to make sure your wispy lash extensions look good as long as possible.

How to Maintain Wispy eyelash Extensions?

If you want to prevent your wispy lashes from falling off prematurely, then you need to take special care, so here are some tips to follow to maintain them and last longer.

  • Do not get your wispy lashes wet first 24 to 48 hours after appointment.
  • Try to sleep on your back.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Avoid applying mascara on your lashes.
  • Avoid oil-based products.
  • Clean or brush your lashes regularly with a good cleanser.

QNA’s on Wispy Eyelash extensions

Do Wispy Lashes Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

The short answer is NO, wispy lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes, if they applied correctly and properly, and also follow the aftercare tips and maintenance tips.  So, it is very important to find a lash artist with rich experience, because they will know the proper applying technique.

How Long Do Wispy Lash Extensions Take to Apply?

The short answer is, the full set of wispy lash extensions takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to apply. The result will be false strip lashes and dramatic look. You need to give special care and maintain them throughout the year, but you have to infill them every 2 to 3 weeks to last longer.

How much do Wispy Lash Extensions cost?

The price of delicate lash extensions varies according to the salon you visit and the style you select. For a full set of wispy lash extensions, you should expect to pay between $100 and $250, and $80 to $150 for a refill.

How do Wispy Lashes Look?

Due to the disparity in lash length, wispy lashes appear fluffy and polished with a spiky appearance. Celebrities and those who enjoy a dramatic eye look are fans of this trend.

Can I sleep with my Wispy Extensions?

It is safe to sleep with eyelash extensions because they are designed to stay on your eyelids for a long time. When using extensions while sleeping, you must be careful because the improper position or pillows might shorten their lifespan or change their shape.


Wispy eyelash extensions are great for those who are looking for very noticeable lashes and dramatic lashes. This technique is done by combining lash extensions of different lengths and curls, and gives you a fluffy and feathery look.

It is very important to choose the lash artist with rich experience, they are the one who should be allowed to do wispy lash extensions. So be careful while choosing the lash artist.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you have any questions and suggestions about this article kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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