What are Eyelash Extensions Made of Exactly?

There are many women who are wondering to know what are eyelash extensions made of? But before that you should know what are eyelash extension? Well, eyelash extensions are totally different from temporary eyelashes. While you can apply temporary lashes yourself at home and they can only last a day.

But eyelash extensions require experts or professionals to apply and they can last up to several weeks.

Eyelash extensions range in length, volume, curls and material. So, read the article till the end to know what are the materials they used for eyelash extensions or what are eyelash extensions made of exactly.

What are Eyelash Extensions Made of?

Well, any eyelash extensions can be made with a variety of materials. There are synthetic materials, and some eyelash extensions are made out of animal fur.  

It is a common misconception that the mink lashes are made from fur of an animal called mink and the silk lashes are made from silkworms. But even eyelash extensions from a real animal exist, and they are very expensive and rarely used.

We do not support any kind of animal cruelty, and we recommend you to use synthetic material because it is safe with less risk of infections, and you are doing big favour to the animal cause and environment.

Usually, there are mink and silk eyelash products that are offered online that are made from a chemical called PBT and Polybutylene Terephthalate and also, they are called faux mink or faux silk lashes. The faux lashes are produced in quantities and with high-quality.

Eyelash extensions are made of PTB blend synthetic fibers, they are heated and treated with formulations that will give the appearance and feel of natural lashes. They are also lightweight and flexible.

If you’re looking for cheaper lash extensions, then go with synthetic or silk lashes. Because these extensions are made from polyester materials and are perfect for more dramatic looks. Since these fibers contain darker pigmentation and sheen, they are amazing.

If your eyelashes are very thin and sparse, then go with sable lashes. Because this fiber is the thinnest, and will blend beautifully with your natural lashes. However, no matter what kind of material or lash extensions you choose, the end result is going to be fabulous.

Note: if you choose a reputable and good salon that offers synthetic fiber material, then go for it because you are going to look fabulous and have more attractive eyes.

QNA’s on Eyelash Extensions

Will Lash Extensions Damage My Lashes?

Eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes if they are applied correctly and with proper method. It should be applied by a professional, certified artist and they only select the proper curls and diameter and use the correct amount of adhesive to prevent damage.

How Long Does it Take to Apply a Full Set of Extensions?

It totally depends on what style you choose-classic, volume or a hybrid, as well as the experience level of your artist. Usually, it can take up to 3 hours for a full set of lash extensions.

Can I Trim My Lashes or Lash Extensions?

The short answer is NO, trimming your lash extensions leads to the risk of trimming your natural lashes. If you’re experiencing that your lash extensions are too long, then ask your artist to go shorter or you can choose shorter lashes.  

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