House of Dragon Starts Tomorrow: The Timming and Plot 

On August 22, House of Dragons, the much-awaited prequel to the popular Game of Thrones, will bring the Iron Throne back to television.

Many GoT fans were disappointed by the show's last episode. The Game of Thrones universe turns back to the Targaryens in House of the Dragon.

Focusing on the occasions leading up to the succession struggle, often known as the "Dance of the Dragons" in Game of Thrones history.

The war between Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and her brother Aegon II is covered in this TV series.

The younger brother of the king, Prince Daemon Targaryen, is portrayed by Doctor Who actor Matt Smith.

The new series is based on the book Fire & Blood by author George R.R. Martin.

Starting on Monday, House of the Dragon will be available on Disney + Hotstar. At 6:30 IST on Mondays, it will stream.