6 Best Fruits for Your Blood Sugar

By Pranjal Joshi 

If you want to have sweet and tasty fruits and you are afraid that they would increase your blood sugar.

Don't worry, here is a list of 6 such fruits that can prove to be a good friend of your blood sugar.

Green Apple

Apple acts as a beneficial fruit for diabetic patients as it has the ability to reduce sugar level


Anthocyanins are found in berries which are best for diabetic patients, to keep a control on their sugar level


Peaches are small but a big package of nutrients i.e., fiber, vitamin A and C which are good to be consumed by diabetic patients.


Oranges, a citrus fruit, contain high amounts of vitamin C which is beneficial for diabetics.


Guava, known as the best fruit for diabetic patients, has antioxidants and various minerals which control sugar levels.


It is the perfect choice if you are a diabetic patient and you are on a diet. It is rich in potassium, vitamin C and fiber.

These fruits do not affect your blood sugar level so they are good to be added to your daily diet if you are a diabetic patient.

In addition fruits come with a great amount of nutrients which are very much needed for maintenance of your health.