Andrew Tate removed from Instagram and Facebook

By Prajal Joshi

Meta platforms instagram and Facebook have banned controversial online influencer and self-described sexist Andrew Tate.

The former reality TV personality and kickboxer was fired for breaking Meta's rules regarding "dangerous individuals and organizations," the company said in an email.

He was fired from the 2016 season of Big Brother when a video of him assaulting a woman outside the show surfaced.

Since then, he has faced criticism for his social media postings, which domestic abuse organisations have dubbed "extreme misogyny."

Tate has gained popularity for his advise videos for guys, many of which border on sexism. He identified as "completely misogynistic."

Tate described many of his videos as parodies in an interview with the Guardian, saying he was "playing a funny character."

Tate's official account on TikTok has also been suspended, and the company is attempting to delete any content about him that is against the rules.