What has Andrew Garfield Said About his Spirituality. 

As a Mormon in "Under the Banner of Heaven," Andrew Garfield was nominated for an Emmy. What has he said on spirituality?

This year, Andrew Garfield received his first Emmy nomination.

For his role as Detective Jeb Pyre in the Hulu series "Under the Banner of Heaven," Garfield received a nomination.

In 2016 he said, I don't consider as a Christian. I identify as pantheist, agnostic, sporadically atheist, slightly Jewish, but mostly confused.

Garfield claims not to be a Christian. He talked about his spirituality. It's a certain understanding of the temporary nature of being here.

He has said that he is particularly drawn to characters whose faith defines them or defined by their loss of it.

He is a better and more diverse actor than many actors who identify as Christians. Because of the way he tackles both his faith and life in general.