Volume Eyelash Extensions: Ultimate Guide

The current biggest trend in the eyelash extensions industry is volume eyelash extensions. The volume lashes are also known as Russian Volume lash extensions, because it’s invented by a Russian lash stylist in 2011 (Olga Debronravov).

These lash extensions are perfect for those with sparse or thin natural lashes, or for those who want to style their look. Volume eyelash extensions provide a thicker, fuller, more dramatic and fluffier look. It’s also, depending on your preference, you can also achieve both a natural or glamorous look.

Nowadays, classic lash extensions are no longer favourite among many women, and volume lash extensions have taken all the place in the lash extensions industry. Most of the lash artists are capitalising on this trend. Many women are craving for volume and fuller lashes.

So, read the article till the end to know everything about volume eyelash extensions, it’s benefits and What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Volume Eyelash Extensions, and more.

What are Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Volume eyelash extensions are the most popular and common type of lash extensions. Volume lashes are a technique that is used to create a dense, dark look for you, and also, allow you to turn your natural lashes into beautiful, fuller lashes.

 Volume lashes is a technique in which you create fans with multiple lash extensions to apply onto every natural lash. When you apply correctly and properly, volume lash extensions do not weigh down the natural lash or damage your natural lashes.

Volume eyelash extensions allow you for a great level of customization to achieve your desired look, and this technique will give you a fluffier and fuller lash line.   

Volume lash extensions have lash diameters like 0.05mm, 0.06mm 0and 0.07mm, and these lash extensions are made into fans. Each fan consists of anywhere from 2 to 10 lash extensions (2D to 10D).

However, 2D and 10D define the number of lash extensions in a fan. 2D extensions have a 1:2 ration, it shows that 2 lash extensions are applied to each natural eyelash.

Benefits of Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lash extensions allow you with more sparse natural lashes to create a fuller and fluffier look by applying more than one extension to each natural lash.

Volume eyelash extensions can be mixed with classic lashes to create a more textured set of lashes.

If you get volume lashes, you may enjoy superior retention compared to other lash extensions. Because multiple lashes are applied onto each natural lash, and give your fuller and fluffier look.

How Long Do Volume Eyelash Extensions Last?

This is a common question that many women search on the internet, how long do volume lash extensions last? Well, the lifespan of your volume lash extensions depends on many factors like your lifestyle, your lash growth cycle, and your aftercare routine.

However, volume lashes will last from 4 to 6 weeks without any issue, but they can also last longer if you visit the salon to refill the lashes. So, to avoid your lashes looking patchy as they grow out, we suggest you visit the salon every 2 or 3 weeks to infill your lashes.

How Much Do Volume Lashes Cost?

Applying volume eyelash extensions requires time and skills, and this makes them expensive. The cost of volume lashes may vary depending on the location, artists experience and the quality of the salon.

Volume lash extensions can cost you anywhere for $200 to $350, and take around 2 to 3 hours to apply.

It is also important to refill the lashes every 2 to 3 weeks. And lash refills may cost you cheaper. They cost anywhere between $80 to $95 and take around 1 to 2 hours to apply. The time taken totally depends on how much work is needed on your lash extensions.

What Size Lashes Do You Use for Volume?

Volume lash extensions range from 0.05mm, 0.06mm and 0.07mm in diameter. First, you should talk with the artist about your desired look. The size of your lashes, your lash artist will select will depend on the length and thickness of your natural lashes.

The number of lash extensions a fan varies depending on the thickness of the natural lashes and extensions being used. Most of the lash artists frequently use 0.07mm extensions with 3D lashes in the fan. But also, they can use 0.05mm extensions with 5D lashes in a fan.

Selecting the size will depend on what they feel your natural lashes and how much they can handle.

How Many Fans Do You Need for Volume Lashes?

How Many Fans Do You Need for Volume Lashes

Volume lash extensions are super lightweight synthetic lash extensions that are added into a fan before applied to your natural lashes.

How many fans do you need for volume lashes is depending on the individual, each eye has around 85 to 150 natural eyelashes. Volume lash extensions can increase your lashes up to +650 to 700 extensions per eye.

 The number of fans being used can depend on the type of natural eyelashes you have, if you have already thick natural lashes, you won’t need too many fans. But, if you have sparse eyelashes, then you need more fans to achieve the desired look.

What’s the Difference Between Mega Volume Lashes and Volume Lashes?

The difference between traditional volume lashes and mega volume lashes is the number of false lashes used to create a fan and the diameter of these lash extensions.

Each Traditional volume fan uses 2 to 5 lash extensions with a diameter between 0.05mm to 0.07mm. while a mega volume fan uses 6 to 16 false lashes with a diameter between 0.03mm to 0.05mm.

Mega volume lashes give you a denser and darker look, since it uses light-weight fans with numbers of lash extensions. Also, they may provide a more fullness and drama look.

What are the Advantages of Volume Eyelash Extensions?

  • It allows you with sparse natural lashes to enjoy a fuller and fluffier look, and these lash extensions help you to fill in the gaps between sparse natural lashes.
  • It can be mixed with classic lashes to achieve a textured and full set of lashes.
  • Volume lash extensions offer superior retention compared to classic lash extensions. This is because multiple lashes of a fan wrap provide a more bonded surface.
  • Volume lashes are a great long-term option for those who spend more time to get ready in the morning.
  • These lash extensions make your eyes stand out at all times and also, give the natural look all the time.

What are Disadvantages of Volume Eyelash Extensions?

  • Not all the lash stylist trained enough, so an inexperienced stylist can damage your natural lashes and even your eyes.
  • If you’re looking for natural lashes, then volume lash extensions can be just a bit too much for your everyday look.
  • If you go with cheaper tools, beauty products and salons can cause infection of permanent damage to your eyes and eyelashes.
  • Volume lash extensions are more expensive than classic lash extensions, but if you need better results you have to spend bi more money.
  • If you need to keep them healthy and in good shape, you need to take special care and spend on maintenance of the lashes.
  • Volume eyelash extensions give you a dramatic style that can look unnatural.

QNA’S on Volume Lash extensions

What Lashes Do You Use for Mega Volume?

Mega volume lash extensions range from 0.03mm to 0.05mm in diameter. Generally, a single 15D mega volume fan using 0.03mm lashes.

The size of lashes your lash artist selects will depend on both the thickness of your natural lashes and the weight of the lash extensions. Every individual person is different and their lashes. The artist will determine this before applications.

Should I Get Volume or Classic Lashes?

If you already have naturally thick lashes, then classic lash extensions are great for you. If you have very few natural lashes, then volume lashes are the best choice for you. Classic lashes look like mascara; each individual eyelash is going to be thicker in diameter than volume lashes.

Does Volume Lashes Last Longer Than Classic?

If the fans are made within the appointment, then bond beautifully to any natural lashes (slender, strong, thin or thick). Volume lash extensions are a really great choice for everyone. And volume lashes last longer than classic lashes, but you need to infill every 2 to 3 weeks.

Are Volume Lashes bad for your lashes?

No, volume lashes are not bad for your natural lashes if they are used properly. A skilled lash artist will watch out that no more volume lash fan is tied to more than one natural lash and that no volume lash fan weighs more than each individual lash can hold.

What’s the difference between classic and hybrid lashes?

The difference between Classic and Hybrid Lashes is that thee classic lashes are single strands of synthetic fibers applied to each natural lash, while hybrid lashes are a mix of both classic and volume lashes.


Nowadays, you can get your lash extensions down around the world and virtually every city has salons that provide eyelash extensions services, but you should look for quality, not quantity and availability.

Volume eyelash extensions are very popular and you can recreate any kind of look that you’re hoping for. If you’re looking for a natural look with noticeable lashes, then go with 2D and 3D volume lashes. If you’re looking for higher volume lashes and drama, then go with 5D to 10D, they will add more volume and create a more glamorous look.

 However, long-lasting volume lash extensions require special care, and if you are getting volume lashes then we do not suggest wearing any kind of mascara. for long-lasting, maintain good lash hygiene, clean your lashes regularly, and avoid using any kind of oily products on your face.

Hopefully, you like this information, if you have any questions and suggestions on this article kindly put them in the comment box below.

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