How to Get Most Natural Eyelash Extensions – Perfect Length and Curl

Natural eyelash extensions have a science of their own, and it’s not just applying long, curl and good material strands of fibers on your natural lash line for a thick and full set of eyelashes that more attract your eyes.

However, to get perfect eyelashes, you need professional lash extensions and only an expert or rich experienced artist would know how to determine the right lash extensions for you. So, not every one is looking for a dramatic lash look, there are many people looking for natural eyelash extensions.

While applying natural looking eyelash extensions, the artist measures everything about your natural lashes, the type of curls, the thickness and the length of eyelashes. These are the factors essential to deciding what type of eyelash extensions suit you the best and would not damage your natural lashes.

So, read the article till the end to know everything about how to get the most natural eyelash extensions and the key elements of natural eyelash extensions.

How to Get Most Natural Eyelash Extensions

Here are the steps to get the most natural looking eyelash extensions. Once you get lash extensions, you need to give special care to maintain them and keep them healthy without damaging natural lashes.

01. Do you Research

It’s very important to do your research, and you should spend some time looking for the best lash-extension technician before booking an appointment. Do your own research on the internet, check their website and social media to check their experience and feedback.

The lash extensions can last over a month or 2 months, doing a research for a few extra hours to find the right artist to apply them will definitely be worth it.  

02. What Type of Look you need

If you’re getting eyelash extensions for the first time, we recommend you to go with classic lash extensions because which will give the most natural-looking lash extensions. This is the technique that one extension applied onto one natural eyelash, slightly longer and thicker.

Avoid the applications like volume and fans for the first time unless you’re pretty daring and want the look of strip lashes.

If you’re looking for natural eyelash extensions, then talk with artists so they can determine the right lash extensions for you.

03. Know the Materials

When it comes to picking up the best materials, there will be two major choices-natural or synthetic. The natural hair or mink lashes look like natural materials, but they can easily lose their shape once they’re exposed to water and heat.

The synthetic lashes are great to get and will last longer. Also, with synthetic lashes you may also get the most natural looking lashes.

04. Take Care for your Lash Extensions

It is very important to take special care of your eyelash extensions, and how long they last vary from person to person. They may last up to 4 to 6 weeks, but as time goes by, they will get slightly dramatic over time.

To last longer or maximize pay off of your lash extensions, take special care of them. Avoid your lash extensions wet for 24 hours after application. Also, make sure that you clean your lash extensions daily or every other day with a good lash cleanser, and brush thoroughly after every cleaning.

Key Elements of Natural Eyelash Extensions

Key Elements of Natural Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking for natural-looking eyelash extensions, there are few key elements of natural eyelash extensions that you should consider before scheduling an appointment. 


Choosing the best natural curl is often confused with long lashes. You might feel that your lashes are long and they are not prominent enough to make the impact that you were hoping for. That happens because you might not have the right style of curls.

Natural eyelash extensions are categorized as B, C, D and D with B. Sometimes artists use a mix lash to give you the most natural lashes curls.

If your natural lashes are neutral or downward, a B and C category would be the best. The D category is the most curled one that could make your eyelashes look fake.

However, before you choose the best curls for your most natural looking eyelash extensions, you should talk with the artist first because they can find the best curl for you.


Choosing the best length for your eyelash extensions is very important and if you believe that longer lash extensions are perfect natural eyelashes, then you are making a mistake. Natural lashes measure from 3mm to 15mm, but you can get between 3mm to 7mm according to your natural lashes.

Communicate with the artist about the length of lash extensions and the professional artist knows the techniques that would give you the length that you’re hoping for. Make sure to take good care and keep them healthy with an aftercare routine.


This is the main element in getting the perfect natural-looking lash extensions. There are three main options that you can choose from, the first one natural hair or mink lashes, silk and synthetic lashes.

These all are viable options for a natural lash look. But, also speak with artists who may suggest the best material for your dream lash look. 


Volume is the main element that turns your eyelashes into amazing beautiful eyelashes, and having eyelashes show off volume. The eyelash extensions have different diameters that suit everyone, but stick with a natural diameter and lash extensions with 0.15mm are most popular because they are the most natural and classic look, they are the definition of perfect eyelashes.

The different diameters of natural eyelash extensions depend on your natural lashes, and fine or thin lashes can handle 0.10mm extensions. If you make any difference between them, the lash extensions can damage your natural lashes and also affect the growth.

QNA’S ON Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

What are the Most Natural Lash Extensions?

The short answer is Faux mink eyelash extensions are the most natural eyelash extensions. Also, synthetic eyelash extensions are more flexible and curl, giving the lashes a softer feel and more natural look. Also, these lashes make your lashes appear more natural.

What Size Lashes for a Natural Look?

Natural lashes measure between 3mm to 15 or 18mm, if you want to apply a longer lash extension than your natural lashes length, ensure the extensions are thin so that it does not create difficulty in lashes growth.

What is a Natural Lash Set?

The best answer is, individual lashes are applied to mimic the natural shape of your lashes with added volume and length.


Natural eyelash extensions blend into your natural lashes, giving more attractive eyes without damaging your natural lashes. If you don’t want your eyelash extensions to look artificial like dolls, then you need to choose lash extensions with the right length, curls, materials and thickness.

Achieving the perfect eyelashes is so difficult that only artists with rich experience should help you to get what you’re hoping for. They will ensure you walk out of the salon with beautiful eyelashes.

Hopefully, you like this information, if you have any questions and suggestions about this article kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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