A Guide About Hybrid Eyelash Extensions – Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Eyelash extensions (Hybrid lashes) are different from classic and volume lashes, which can combine different lashes set together and create new lashes.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are made of volume fanning lashes, and single classic lashes. Hybrid lashes are really great for those who love sparse natural eyelashes. Of course, you can mix both classic eyelash extensions set and volume eyelash extensions (Russian lashes) together to get hybrid lashes.

Hybrid eyelash extensions can give you a variety of texture, curls of false eyelashes, making your natural lashes look more attractive and enhancing your appearance.

Read continuously to know everything about hybrid lashes, how long do hybrid lashes take to apply, how much they cost and how long do hybrid lashes last. 

What are Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

A hybrid lash extension is a combination of two techniques, they will be combining classic lashes and volume lashes (Russian lashes) applications across your lash line.  Hybrid lashes are an application that provides your lashes with gorgeous texture and fabulous fullness.

In the hybrid lash application, the volume fans create the fullness and classic lashes are used to add length and break up the uniform, linear silhouette. This popular lash extension is perfect for those who want bespoke lashes with the definition of a classic lash extension.

How to take care of Hybrid Lashes?

Lash Extensions require proper care. Sometimes the first 24 hours are critical for everyone and avoid these following things while having a lash extension for the first time.

  • Do not take a hot shower,
  • Do not use mascara extensions,
  • Do not touch the lashes frequently,
  • Sleep straight or on the sides,
  • Avoid using a curler because it weakens the extensions,
  • Do not use oil-based products,

How to clean Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Here are some guidelines for cleaning hybrid lashes correctly:

  • Use micellar water or another cleaning solution made especially for eyelash extensions.
  • Make use of a fresh makeup brush.
  • Cleanse the lashes by dipping the brush into the cleaner.
  • Gently apply them to the lashes after dipping the brush in water.
  • Blot the lashes dry and get rid of all the extra moisture by using a tissue.

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Take to Apply?

Hybrid lashes typically can take between 2-3 hours, it also depends on the artist’s experience and expertise in the professional. Also, it is important to find the right lash artist with rich experience and keep the lash extensions much longer until your new lashes naturally grow.

If you’re a classic lashes or volume lashes regular, then you should take an appointment with a senior or master stylist because they may give you the perfect results of hybrid lashes.

How Long Do Hybrid Lashes Last?

The hybrid lash extensions can last up to 8 to 10 weeks but as time goes by, your hybrid lash extensions will fade naturally until your natural lashes grow. So, you have to refill your eyelash extensions every 2 or 3 weeks.

In order to get rid of the lash extensions shedding issues, you should visit the beauty salon where you did the eyelash extensions to infill your individual lashes to keep your lash extensions look fuller with high volume.

Remember, your eyelash extensions will fall gradually with time goes by.

Hybrid Lashes Side Effects

The Hybrid Eyelash Extensions side-effects are very rare, but negative effects can occur and they include:

Allergic Reactions: Do a test before the treatment to make sure you are not allergic to lash glue,

Infections: It can happen if the artist works in unsterile environments,

Irritation: If you want to avoid irritation, you need to clean your hybrid lashes properly.

Damage to your Lashes: Due to improper application, it causes damage to your natural lashes. If you do not follow the aftercare instructions or attempt to remove the hybrid lashes on your own, it can be your fault.

How Much Does Hybrid Lashes Cost?

The hybrid eyelash extensions are a long-lasting treatment, and may cost you anywhere between $50 to $75. It also depends on the places, country and artist experience.

How Do Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Work?

The hybrid eyelash extensions combine the classic 1-on-1 technique with an advanced fanning technique that is used to create volume lashes. Fans are created by bonding together 2-4 lashes extensions and that are applied onto your natural eyelash.

This technique is called hybrid lashes and they will create depth and volume, but also you can keep the volume depending on how full your eyelashes want to be. An individual lash extension is applied onto one natural eyelash and the volume fans to create a wispy eyelash look that will bespoke to your natural eyelashes.

How to Look After Hybrid Lashes

It is very important to take special care after you get hybrid lashes. Of course, your artist will suggest some tips and best ways to look after. So, you need to follow the correct aftercare.

You need to use the best cleanser to clean your eyelash extensions and help retention. For better health of your lash extensions follow the instructions that have been given by the artist.  

FAQS on Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Do Hybrid Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Getting Hybrid eyelash extensions with a certified or experienced artist will not damage your natural lashes and you also need to follow the instructions of your artist like aftercare.

Your artist will create a bespoke set of beautiful lash extensions keeping in mind maintaining healthy natural lashes. So, hybrid eyelash extensions won’t weigh down your natural lashes, but you should follow the best aftercare routine to look after your hybrid lashes.

Can I wear Mascara with Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Wearing mascara on your hybrid eyelashes is not recommended because it will make them heavier on the eye, make the lashes break, and potentially harm your natural lashes. Additionally, they will be more difficult to clean, and as was already mentioned, cleaning your eyelash extensions is crucial.

Can you Get Hybrid Lashes Wet?

This is very important for the lifespan of your lash extensions, do not get your hybrid lash extensions wet in the first 24 hours after the application. Also, avoid using saunas and steam baths until 48 hours after your application to maintain the best results and their health.

The adhesive can take up to 48 hours to fully set with natural lashes, and contacting your Lashes with heat, water or steam can cause the glue bonding your lash extensions and natural lashes together, you may see your lash extensions falling out.

Can I remove Hybrid Eyelash Extensions at home?

This is not suggested, especially if you do not have the right tools to remove lash extensions. To correctly remove your hybrid lash extensions and clean your lashes, visit your lash technician. They should all provide a removal service.

Can you Still Wear Make-Up with Hybrid Lashes?

The short answer is YES, you can wear make-up with hybrid lashes, but do not wear mascara because this will damage the fans and ruin your lash extensions. Also, avoid any kind of oil products around the eye area including oil-based make-up remover.

Because oil can cause the bonds in the adhesive to break down, which can cause your lash extensions to loosen or fall out.  

Do Hybrid Lashes Damage Your Natural Lashes?

They will not harm your natural lashes if carried out correctly and if you adhere to the aftercare and maintenance instructions. For these reasons, it is crucial to select a knowledgeable and licensed lash artist, adhere to the aftercare instructions, and maintain regular eyelash cleaning. Additionally, avoid attempting to remove them yourself; instead, call a pro.


It is difficult to get hybrid eyelash extensions, but you can go to the best beauty salon and find the best artist with rich experience in this profession and get lash extensions.

Before getting lash extensions, you can also do the allergy test to ensure that the raw materials of hybrid lashes are safe and healthy for you.

Hopefully, you like this information, if you have any questions and suggestions about the article kindly put them in the comment box below. 

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