How to Become a Lash Tech in 2023

If you’re looking to become a professional Tash Tech and but confused about where to start? Lash extensions have become a popular service requested at salons, spas, and even in home treatments. As the demand is on a rapid rise and becoming more mainstream, so too has the opportunity for lash techs nationwide.

Becoming a certified lash tech is a great way to jumpstart your career and create an additional source of income. There are so many advantages of becoming certified, from offering quality products and services that your clients demand to building customer loyalty through exceptional customer service–not to mention opening the opportunity for business growth with repeat customers.

If you’re interested in pursuing this career path and want to learn how to become a Lash Tech? We’ll walk you through all of the steps involved from training and licensing requirements to tips for those just getting started.

What is the Difference between Licensed vs Certified Lash Tech?

Licensed lash tech

To become a Licensed Lash Tech, A license is required by most states in the US to legally work in the field of the Lash Extensions and this is issued by the Governing Body such as the State Board of Cosmetology. To receive this, you must have completed an accredited course in addition to a licensing exam and paid the necessary fees.

This involves completing an in-person course or an online course and taking an exam. The requirements and the amount of time it takes to become licensed vary by state, so be sure to check with your local licensing board for specific requirements in your area. Once you become licensed, you may be able to start working in a salon or spa under the supervision of a licensed Lash Tech.

Certified Lash Tech

To become a certified Lash Tech, becoming a certified Lash Tech does not involve taking an exam or completing a course and it doesn’t require any legal work. Instead, it requires hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the lash extension industry, which is given by the Private Institutions.

To become certified lash tech, You must also have the proper tools and supplies to practice, as well as the necessary safety measures in place and you must have a minimum of 1 to 2 years experience in the Lash Extensions industry. Having certification from an approved institution or organization can help you stand out from the competition and demonstrate your skill level to potential clients.

How to become a Licensed Lash Tech

To become a Licensed Lash Tech, you’ll need to complete an accredited course or program in lash extensions. This can involve taking an in-person course or an online class, and it will involve a comprehensive examination of the lash extensions industry. You’ll learn about the different types of lashes, how to apply them safely and professionally, how to care for the lashes after they are applied, and other related topics.

Once you have completed the course and passed the exam, you can then apply for your license with the local State Board of Cosmetology. Once approved, you will be legally allowed to practice as a licensed lash tech in your state.

Eyelash Extension State Requirement

In the US, each state has its own regulations and laws. Some do require a license to practice lash extensions and some don’t. For that reason, it’s important to confirm your state before starting your journey. To assist you in focusing on the regulations that apply to your particular circumstances, I’ve created the table below with links to the relevant regulatory authority.

AlabamaNo Regulations
AlaskaHairdressers, Estheticians,
Medical License
ArizonaCosmetologist, Aesthetician
ArkansasCosmetologist, Aesthetician, Barber, Medical License in a Medical Facility
CaliforniaCosmetologist, Esthetician, those working under Physicians,
ColoradoCosmetologist, Esthetician
ConnecticutNo Regulations
DelawareNo Regulations
District of ColumbiaCosmetologist, Esthetician, Medical License
FloridaCosmetologist, Esthetician, Full Specialist, Facial Specialist, Medical License
GeorgiaMaster Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Medical License in medical Facility
HawaiiCosmetologist, Esthetician, Barber
IdahoNo Regulations
IllinoisCosmetologist, Esthetician
IndianaCosmetologist, Esthetician
LowaCosmetologist, Esthetician, Must be performed in Licensed Salon
KansasCosmetologist, Esthetician
KentuckyCosmetologist, Esthetician
LouisianaCosmetologist, Esthetician
MaineCosmetologist, Aesthetician
MarylandNo Regulations
MassachusettsCosmetologist, Esthetician
MichiganCosmetologist, Esthetician
MinnesotaCosmetologist, Esthetician
MississippiCosmetologist, Esthetician
MissouriNo Regulations
MontanaCosmetologist, Esthetician
NebraskaCosmetologist, Esthetician
NevadaCosmetologist, Aesthetician
New HampshireCosmetologist, Esthetician
New JerseyCosmetologist (must be working in a salon), Medical License under a doctor
New MexicoEsthetician
New YorkCosmetologist, Esthetician
North CarolineCosmetologist, Esthetician
North DakotaCosmetologist, Esthetician
OhioCosmetologist, Esthetician
OklahomaCosmetologist, Esthetician
OregonCosmetologist, Esthetician, Medical License
PennysylvaniaCosmetologist, Esthetician
Rhode IslandCosmetologist, Esthetician
South CarolinaCosmetologist, Esthetician
South DakotaCosmetologist, Esthetician, Must be performed in a Licensed salon
TenesseeCosmetologist, Aesthetician
TexasCosmetologist, Esthetician, or Eyelash Extension Specialist
UtahCosmetologist, Barber, Esthetician
VermontCosmetologist, Esthetician
VirginiaCosmetologist, Esthetician
WashingtonCosmetologist, Esthetician
West VirginiaCosmetologist, Esthetician
WisconsinNo regulations
WyomingCosmetologist, Esthetician

How to become a Certified Lash Tech

To become a certified Lash Tech, follow these simple steps:

Review Your State Requirements

Start by researching the requirements and regulations in your state to get an Eyelash certificate. It’s important to understand the specifications in your area before you begin because the requirements vary greatly depending on where you live. Also it’s important that you must have some experience in the lash extensions industry and knowledge of the latest lash techniques.

Some states require you to be a fully licensed cosmetologist to apply for the certification of the latest tech, while others only require you to be enrolled in a beauty school program. Some other states have specific requirements for the number of hours of lash training to complete the state requirements.

Find a Reputable School that offers Eyelash Extensions Training

Once you’ve completed the research, it’s time to find a reputable school that offers Eyelash Extensions Training. It’s important to find a school that is accredited, has quality instructors and offers in-depth training on the lash extension process. Because the certificate you’ll get at the end of your training, you will have as much value as the name of the school behind the certification.

The instructor you choose for your training is as important as you choose the school. Don’t hesitate to ask for your teacher’s name before applying to the eyelash Extensions Training program and look into their credentials and past students testimonials and opinion of their experience.

Most of the Eyelash Extensions Courses will cover the following topics:

  • Basics: Types of Eyelash Extensions, Natural Eyelashes, Growth cycle, Eye Anatomy, and Different types of lashes, etc.
  • Health and Safety: Sanitization and sterilization, allergies, Ergonomic station ad posture etc.
  • Product Theory: Lash Extensions, Tweezers, Glues, and Eye Pads etc.
  • Application Process: How to apply eyelash extensions, tools and materials used during lash application, tweezing and lash mapping etc.
  • Removal Process: How to safely remove eyelash extensions,
  • Aftercare: How to properly maintain lashes after application, How to prevent damage and what to do in case of an allergic reaction etc.

Some Training programs might even cover more topics like, registering a company, marketing yourself, client consultation, pricing theory, salon operations, and more.

Purchase a Starter Kit

Purchase a Starter Kit

Most of the Eyelash Extensions training programs include the starter kit in the price. If the program doesn’t offer the starter kit, then you’ll need to purchase a starter kit that includes all the necessary tools and materials for your future lash extensions.

A starter kit will usually includes these basic tools and materials to get started:

  • Eyelash Extensions,
  • Tweezers,
  • Glues,
  • Eye Pads,
  • Mascara Wands,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue holder,
  • Lash PrimerLash Remover,

Most Institutes will give enormous discounts on their starter kit for their students.

Attend your Training Program and Practice, and Practice, Practice!

Now that you have all the necessary resources, it’s time to attend your Eyelash Extensions Training Program. During the course, your instructor will provide guidance on how to hold your tweezers, how to properly apply different types of lashes and how to remove eyelash extensions, as well as the proper techniques necessary for a successful lash application.

Make sure you practice outside of the class as much as possible. One of the most important elements when applying lashes is to have a steady hand and the best way to get a steady hand is by practice. Be Patient and you will be a Professional Lash Tech in no time!

Note: Practice makes perfect! After your training program, you’ll have to practice, practice, and practice again at home with your friends or family members to improve your skill and speed.

Take and Pass the Certification Exam

Some Certification exams always require the completion of a full set of lashes on a model. In addition, you might be asked for a minimum number of hours practicing lash extensions before you can get your certification. But, some schools may require a written component to the exam but that is less common.

Written Exam

Most Eyelash Extension Certifications provide a manual that covers all of the information that will be on the written exam, so it’s important to read and re-read everything inside that precious book before the exam.

Written exams usually cover the topics such as lash extensions theory, different lashes, application techniques, removal, safety, and sanitation.

Hands-on Exam

The hands-on exam usually requires you to complete a full set of lashes on a model or a friend. This is the part where you’ll have to prove that you’ve mastered the art of lashing. You might be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Client Consultation,
  • Cleanness and Sanitization,
  • Lash type selection,
  • Lash Styling selection,
  • Application method,
  • Aftercare tips,
  • Overall lash health,

Some institutions might also have a maximum allowed time for this part and you must have to finish it within a certain amount of time (usually 1-2 hours). So, make sure you’ve sufficient practice to complete the applications within the threshold.

Complete Number of Hours

Each certification program may require you to complete a certain number of hours. If that’s the case, simply record your hours in a log and submit to your certification program. In-person courses typically don’t ask for this. I’ve rarely seen a course given, then ask the student to go home and practice X number of hours and then come back to the exam.

The exam is normally taken immediately at the end of the in-person course.

Get Clients and Make Money

Get Clients and Make Money

Now that you are certified lash tech, now it’s time to get your first clients. To get more clients, Market yourself on social media like Instagram and Facebook, create a website or blog where you can showcase your work and talk about your services. You can also do local referral programs, join networking events, and the most important thing: always promote yourself!

You can also find a job in a reputable salon to get clients. That’s it! Now you know How to Become a Lash Tech and you have all the tools necessary to become an amazing lash tech.

Becoming a Lash Tech is not as hard as it seems, but requires dedication and practice. With the right training, you can be a professional lash tech in no time! How cool is that? Now go ahead and start making your dreams come true!

Note: In most countries you need to obtain a license in order to practice as a professional lash tech. Make sure to check with your local or state board before beginning.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Certified Lash Tech?

Some Training programs can be completed in as little as 2 days, while some take up to 2 weeks to complete. But, if you want to become a professional lash tech, then you need to practice for 3 to 6 month continuously. You can become a certified lash tech in just 2 to 3 weeks.

Online certifications are a bit different from the institutions, because you’re not physically in a classroom, you can take training as long as you want. Some schools will put a deadline for you to pass the exam(for example after 90 days of your registration date).

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Certified Lash Tech?

The cost of becoming a certified lash tech depends on the training program you choose. The prices can vary from state to state and even from school to school. Also the price of the training program is depending on the reputation of the institution and the instructor can also affect the overall cost.

Most in-person training programs range from $500-$1200, while online certifications range from $250-$800, depending on your state’s regulations and the type of training you’re looking for.

Advanced Courses that might focus on volume lashes or the mega Volume techniques are more specialized and generally more expensive. The Advanced training programs can range from $1500 to $3500.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Lash Tech?

There are many benefits of becoming a certified lash tech, here we have listed some of them:

  • Skill and Knowledge to provide a professional service,
  • Flexible scheduling,
  • Ultimate Earning Potential,
  • High Job security,
  • Work from home,
  • Relaxed Atmosphere,
  • Fast Training,
  • You can start your own business,
  • You can charge higher price than your non-certified competitors,
  • Stay up to date on the latest lash trends and techniques,  


How long does it take to become a lash tech?

It depends on the training program you choose, but most in-person training programs range from 2 days to 2 weeks. Online certifications can take up to 3 weeks, while advanced courses like volume lashes or mega volume techniques can take up to 3 months.

Can I train myself to be a lash tech?

No, you can’t train yourself to be a lash tech. Because, becoming a lash tech isn’t something you can do overnight. It requires an accredited training program and obtaining a license from your local or state board. The training program must cover safety and sanitation, lash techniques, the use of tools and supplies, client communication, and other lash related topics.

Is Getting Lash certified worth it?

Yes, getting lash certified is worth it. Because not only you learn the skill and knowledge to provide a professional service to your customers, but also you increase your earning potential and you can start your own business. So, getting lash certified is worth it.


Becoming a lash tech is not only rewarding, but also it’s an excellent career opportunity. With the right training, you can be certified in as little as two weeks and start your own business.

With the proper certification, you can provide a professional service to your customers, increase earning potential and stay up to date on the latest lash trends and techniques. So, if you’re interested in becoming a certified lash tech, make sure you choose the right certification.

Hope this article provided helpful information and guidance on How to Become a Lash Tech, if you have any questions or suggestions about the Lash Technician, then kindly put them in the comment box.

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