Can You Wear Glasses with Eyelash Extensions?

One of the big problems that makes women wear glasses is to rub against the glasses with mascara. This is the reason why eyelash extensions can actually become more and more popular.

Instead of applying multiple coats of mascara in the morning and dealing with smudges all day, investing in an eyelash extension will make you a lot more comfortable.

You would like to have eyelash extensions but you wear glasses, and thinking if it is possible to wear glasses with eyelash extensions. if you designed your lash extensions shorter and curlier, then it will avoid your lashes hitting them.

However, whenever you try to get eyelash extensions remember to bring your glasses with you at your appointment so that your lash artist can customize the perfect lash extensions set for you.

So, read the article till the end, we covered all the topics that you might need to know when it comes to glasses with eyelash extensions.

Can You Wear Glasses with Eyelash Extensions?

The short answer Yup, surely you can wear glasses with eyelash extensions. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear eyelash extensions and you can’t enjoy the fun and beauty, simply because you wear glasses.

Eyelash extensions have become more popular, because they are beautiful and easily accessible for every woman.

However, it will be a problem if you wear long lash extensions. So, it is very important to bring your glasses with you at your appointment so your lash artist can customize the length and curl of the set for you. These lash sets avoid hitting your glasses and give you more comfort and more confidence.

Eyelash Extension Lengths and Curls for Glasses

If you are wearing glasses, then the best eyelash extensions types will have shorter lengths and pronounced curls. Eyelash extensions in the middle of the eyes are more likely to hit your lens. So, your lash artist will customize your look that meets your desire.

Remember, to bring your glasses with you at your lash appointment so that your last artist will be able to customize a perfect lash set for you and judge the distance between your glasses and your face.

Which kind of Eyelashes can you wear with Glasses?

Eyelashes can you wear with Glasses

Can you use eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes together? So, a resounding yes! Knowing the different types of eyelash extensions is the first step in choosing the best ones. Here are some specifics for you about them!

01. Individual Short lashes

Falsification is less likely when artificial lashes are styled with individual short lashes. You will be able to see the true spectacle and realism of your eyes by individually shaping the lashes.

02. Accent lashes

Do not let the cosmetics in your makeup bag prevent you from pulling off a daring look. Because they are simple to apply and will not interfere with your natural eye colour, accent lashes are a favourite among lash fans.

03. Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are an option, and they are excellent for regular users. This method of applying lash extensions has a more powerful and dramatic feel than using a glue-less adhesive or tape to do so. You can choose from a range of lashes.

04. Individual Eyelash Extensions

Lashed extensions give the most flexibility and can be as long or short as you wish, even though they can be very labour-intensive. Fake eyewear would without a doubt be your best bet if you needed to go undercover in the office!

05. Lashes Fine Blend

You can choose a style to go with and locate mix strips in a variety of styles to suit your needs. These socks also feel like cotton, which is ideal if you prefer more formal and traditional clothing. You can style your lashes in a variety of ways by using a variety of thinner pins.

Will Glasses Hide Your Eyelash Extensions?

Your eyelash extensions will still be visible if you wear glasses, because of the enhanced lash extensions curls used, your eyes will look more open and bigger, beautiful even more.

You might think that the thickness of your lash extensions and reflection of your glasses might prevent your eyelash extensions from making a statement. But, glasses with eyelash extensions look great and still give you a noticeable look.

What Kind of Glasses Can You Wear with Eyelash Extensions?

You can wear any type of glasses with your eyelash extensions and that’s the beauty of it, look in the mirror to see how awesome you look with glasses. As long as your lash artist is able to determine the appropriate distance available, you are good to go with it.

Tips to Know if you are wearing Glasses with Eyelash extensions

Tips to Know if you are wearing Glasses with Eyelash extensions

You can wear any kind of glasses or sunglasses with eyelash extensions. as long as your artist can determine the correct distance, you are good to go with it. Here are some key factors need to remember:

  • Trust Your Designer: you have to trust your artist, before book an appointment read the reviews at the salon and get the lash extensions in a reputable salon with a rich experienced lash artist.
  • Shopping for new glasses or sunglasses: if your shopping glasses or sunglasses, make sure to shop best fit! Look for rounded and curved glasses. Because flat glasses will be a little closer to the face, while round glasses will give your lenses more room.
  • Don’t worry about perfection:  if you wear glasses with eyelash extensions, your lashes will still be visible and due to the curls used, your eyes are more open and have a more noticeable look.
  • Customize your lens lenses: try to adjust the lens if you can’t adjust your lenses, tell your lash artist to give you the more dramatic curl, so your lashes are more likely to miss out to hit the glasses.


01. If you Wear Glasses, Can You Have Eyelash Extensions?

The short answer is Yes, you can wear glasses with eyelash extensions. still your lashes are visible, look bigger, brighter and more noticeable.

02. If you Wear Glasses, What Length Should you Get?

Most experts’ advice, not to choose lashes which are too long to touch your glasses. Longer lashes are great and more beautiful for those who do not wear glasses. However, try to get shorter and curls lashes, if you wear glasses.

03. Does Wearing Glasses with Eyelash Extensions Cause my Lashes to Fall Out Faster?

Wearing glasses with eyelash extensions will not affect your lashes retention as long as there is no friction between your glasses and your lash extensions. Also, read our article to learn more about how long eyelash extensions last

04. Can you use eye drops with Eyelash Extensions?

Eye Drops frequently include glycol, which can weaken the link between your natural lashes and extensions. Use caution while applying eye drops that contain glycol to prevent them from crossing the lash line. Use clean water to gently rinse the area around your eyes after using eye drops to remove any leftover solution.

05. Will glasses hide my eyelash extensions?

Even if you wear glasses, eyelash extensions will still be apparent. Your eyes will appear more open and pop even more as a result of the increased curls that were applied.

06. Can I wear Glasses with false Eyelashes?

If you wear glasses or contacts, wearing artificial eyelashes is a perfectly viable alternative. Just because you wear corrective glasses does not mean you have to be content with your natural lashes. The most crucial decision you can make if you wear glasses is choosing the right length and thickness for your false eyelashes.

07. What type of glasses can I wear with Eyelash Extensions?

Any style of eyewear, including sunglasses, will work with your lash extensions. You are good to go if your stylist can determine the appropriate distance available.

The Final Thoughts

It is important to look at the different lash styles available before you get lash extensions and see the before and after pictures and curls. Because, you can discuss with your lash artist the style that you want to get.

Remember, to bring your glasses with you to the appointment, so you can discuss the perfect choice of the style, length, curls and eyelash type. So, your lash artist can customize the length and perfect styles for you.

Hopefully, you like this article, if you are wearing glasses with eyelash extensions, we would love to hear your experience in the comment box below. 

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