Eyelash Extensions Styles: Complete Guide for Different Eye shapes

There are many eyelash extensions styles you can choose from. Knowing the difference between various eyelash extensions styles, makes your job so much easier to find out the best lash extension style for your eye shape.

Whenever you get lash extensions, you need to take lash artist advice and speak with them about your desired look. They will help you with the best lash extension style depending on your natural eye shape. You will be more suited to certain lash extensions styles, than can enhance your appearance.

There are many eyelash extensions styles, but not many people know that there are actually different styles of eyelash extension. The fact is, many lash salons don’t offer different styles.

So, read the article till the end. You have a complete guide on eyelash extensions styles according to your eye shape, face shape and your personality.

Types of Eyelash Extensions

The four main categories of lash extensions are classic, volume, hybrid, and wispy. So, here we listed types or eyelash extensions that will help to look at each one of them and decide which one is going to be the best for you.   

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions are applied at the ratio of 1:1, it means one classic eyelash extension is added to your natural lashes. They are the most popular option for people who want to slightly lengthen and thicken their natural lashes while maintaining a very natural appearance.

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are the most popular and common type of lash extensions. Volume lashes are a technique that is used to create a dense, dark look for you, and allow you to turn your natural lashes into beautiful, fuller lashes. The volume lashes are also known as Russian Volume lash extensions.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid Eyelash extensions (Hybrid lashes) are different from classic and volume lashes, which can combine different lashes set together and create new lashes. A hybrid lash extension is a combination of two techniques, they will be combining classic lashes and volume lashes applications across your lash line.  Hybrid lashes are an application that provides your lashes with gorgeous texture and fabulous fullness.

Wispy Lash Extensions

Wispy Lash extensions is a full set of a technique where a handmade lash fan is created using 2 to 6 lashes and then applied using alternating lash lengths. The Wispy volume full set technique creates a look of false strip lashes and Kardashian style. The Wispy lashes full set is suitable for those who want a spiky false lash look.

Types of Eyelash Extensions Styles

There are very few different types of eyelash extensions, and also you have thought that different salons may offer different styles. But here we have listed some of the most common types of eyelash extensions styles that you should find in most of the salons.

01. Doll Eyelash Extensions

The doll eyelash extensions are long, with the longest lashes on the middle of the eye, leaving your eyes more open and larger.

Use this eyelash if you want your eyes to appear bigger, fuller and more open. Especially, if you have wide set eyes or dropping eyes. The doll eyelash extensions are not for you, if you have very long or rounded eyes, because it will make your eyes look even longer.

The doll eyelash extensions will give you a bright and bigger look, so if you are looking for this style then you can go with this style. Megan Fox is well known for having doll classic eyelash extensions.

02. Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

The cat eye eyelash extensions have longer lashes on the outer eye corner, and at the inner corner at their shorter length. The difference in the length is around 40 to 50% more lashes by the time we reach the outer eye corner. So, the starting lashes of 9mm on the inner eye corner and in an outer corner lash of 14mm.

This is the favourite eyelash extension style among women. If your eyes are rounded and not so distant from one another, then you can choose these lash extensions. These lash extensions may give the impression that you have a wider, larger lash set.

If your eyes are wide set or downwards, then you should not use the cat eye eyelash extensions because it may make it even wider. Taylor Swift is regularly seen with cat eye eyelash extensions.

03. Natural Lashes or Classic Eyelash Extensions

The natural looking eyelash extension style is a more natural version, and this is one of the lucky few people to be blessed with full, long lashes. It can be a bit longer on the outer corner, and it will be applied respecting your eyeline curvature as much as possible.

This eyelash style is just enhancing your lashes, without any major changes and this eyelash extensions style is for any type of eye shape, because it will just give a little boost to your natural lashes.

The natural lashes or classic lash extensions style is not for you, if you’re looking for a more dramatic look or something bolder.

04. Staggered Eyelash Extensions

This style is a mix of short and long lashes that will give you lots of volume, and if you don’t like things to be perfect and want a bit of asymmetry, then you can use this style.

In the end of the method, you will have a dramatic look because of full and thick lashes. If you already thin eyelashes, then this style is not for you. But if you have already long and thick lashes then it is for you.

05. Open Eye Eyelash Extensions

This lash extensions style more noticeable the center of the eye by adding length and volume in the middle of the eye. Usually, this lash extension style would use lashes around 8mm for the corners and 12mm to 14mm for the center of the eye.

06. Highlighted or Colored Lash Extensions

If you are looking for highlighted or colored lash extensions then this style is for you. You can have colored eyelash extensions if you’re looking for, and most salons offer many colors to choose from.

Here are some of colored on the traditional side:

  • Dark brown
  • Black
  • Light brown

Here are some of colored on the alternative side:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Violet
  • Light blue
  • Purple

If you are looking to color lash extensions, then go with dark blue because it is more noticeable. If you have blue eyes, go with light blue that would look stunning. If you have green eyes, go with green.

How to Choose an Eyelash Extensions Style for your Eye Shape

There are many lashes’ extensions styles, and also depends on the shape of your eyes and your style. So here we listed some of them, you may get interested in something.

Before that you should have a few things in mind while deciding on a good eyelash extension style.

  • Eyelash extension volume
  • Lash extension curvature and length
  • Style that you like
  • How these components match the eyes shape and face shape
  • How they combine with your life-style

Eyelash Extensions According to your Eye Shape

Your eye shape is one of the most important factors while deciding the type of eyelash extension style. So, here listed some of the standard eye shapes and styles.

01. Eyelash Extensions Style Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes

If you have almond eye shape, you are on the lucky side because the most eyelash extensions style would work for you. This shape is the most alluring and attractive, and the length is greater than the height and slight upward flick at the outer corners.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions if you have Almond Eyes:

  • If you have an almond eye shape, then you are the lucky one because the almond eye shape can go well with any type of lash extensions style.
  • Choose the cat eye style to highlight the length of your eyes.

02. Eyelash Extensions Styles for Wide-Set Eyes

The wide set eyes are more distant from each other, and you are looking your eyes to look a little closer, then you can invest in dramatic and longer eyelash extensions. Remember, you should avoid cat eyes, because they make your eyes look wider.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions if you have Wide-Set Eyes:

  • Use shorter lash extensions on the outer corner, that will give the impression your eyes are closer.
  • Don’t use the cat eye style.
  • Also, look more at natural styles.

03. Eyelash Extensions Styles for Down-Turned Eyes

Generally, you may find it difficult to get eyelash extensions if you have down turned eyes, because your eyes may look tired. So, it is a good idea to go with curly eyelash extensions styles. This style can make you look more awake and more vivid.

Make sure that these curls should be applied on the outer ends and lash extensions are shorter. This way you may avoid looking tired and help lift the eyes.

Tips for Choosing eyelash extensions if you have down-turned eyes:

  • You can wear cat eyes as long as your lashes are not too long.
  • Go with natural eyelash extensions styles.
  • Use stronger curls because these can lift up your eyes.
  • Avoid using too much length on the outer corner, because that can weigh down your eyes even more.

04. Eyelash Extensions Styles for Close-Set Eyes

If you have close-set eyes and want to give the impression that they are a bit wider, then you should get longer lashes on the outer corner. You can prefer cat eyes, that they work well, and open up your look.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions if you have Close-Set Eyes:

  • Cat eye style is great and that will give you a wider look.
  • Avoid using doll eyelash extensions styles because that will make your eyes look deep set.
  • Never get longer lash extensions towards your inner corners of the eyes.

05. Lash Extensions Styles for Deep-Set Eyes

The deep-set eye is simply placed deep into the eye socket, and many women with deep set eyes want to have them come out a bit more. If you have these type eyes, it is a good idea to go with longer and straighter lash extensions styles. You can choose a J curl, that is going to look really natural and lighter, and also help you to open your eyes.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions if you have Deep-Set Eyes:

  • Use eyelash extensions styles like doll eyelash and open eyelashes style.
  • If you have round eyes, the baby doll lash style can be a good choice.

06. Lash Extensions Styles for Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, the shape means that you have a little extra skin right above the crease of your eye. So, you need too make them appear bigger, and you can highlight your middle part of the eyes with longer lash extensions.  

Remember, don’t exaggerate on thickness and length because that can make your eyes look even smaller.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions if you have Hooded Eyes:

  • You can use doll eyelash extension style and natural eyelash extensions style.
  • Use eyelash extensions with strong curls, because curvature will mask excess skin on the eyelid.
  • Add lash extensions with a bit longer on the center of the eyes.

07. Eyelash Extensions Styles for Protruding Eye Shape

The protruding eye shapes are opposite to deep set eyes and these sit further out of the eye socket, and also 80% of the time, they are also round in eye shape. If you have protruding eye shape, then you can go with the natural eyelash extensions styles.

You can also add individual lashes, so you can get little volume and boldness without overdoing it. The cat eye style also looks pretty on you, and you can choose B or J curls.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions if you have Protruding Eye:

  • Your eyes are already large in shape, so it is a good idea to go with classic and natural lash extensions.
  • You can also use cat eyelash style.

08. Eyelash Extensions Styles for Round Eyes Shape

Rounded eye shape is naturally open and strong, and once you open your eyes, you may look scared and surprised. So, here are a few tips to avoid them together.

You can have eyelash extensions styles with shorter lengths and light curls like B curl, with this type your eyes may look more relaxed and give the impression that you have almond eyes. Also, you can try the cat eye eyelash extension style.

Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions if you have Round Eye:

  • You can use cat eyelash, squirrel eyelash extensions style.
  • Do not choose too strong curvatures like CC or D curls, as they make your eyes look too scared and surprised.
  • Avoid doll eyelash extensions style.

QNA’s on Eyelash Extensions Styles 

What Type of Eyelash Extensions Look Natural?

The short answer is Faux mink eyelash extensions, these are the most natural looking eyelash extensions. These have more flexible curls, give the softer feel and more natural look.

What’s the Difference Between C and D Lashes?

C-curls are the most common type of lash extensions curl that we do at Evoque, and D-curl lash extensions have that extra amount of curls compared to c-curls. If you put them together with a volume look, that can provide you WOW.

What kind of lash extensions are the most popular?

Mink, faux mink, silk, and synthetic extensions are by far the most popular types. In order to completely design your lash extensions for you, a lash artist will first review all these variables with you and help you decide on the material.

Which eyelashes are the most attractive?

According to a recent study, eyelashes that are 1/4 the width of the eye are considered the most attractive.

Which is more popular, C curl or D curl?

The least curly or lifted curl is the J curl, which is plainly more J-shaped. A B curl is a simple or inferior curl. The typical curl, or C curl, is the natural lash curl of most people. The D curl is the most dramatic and elevated, and it will be the most noticeable from the front.

How do I choose the size of my eyelashes?

The general rule of thumb when choosing eyelash extensions is that they should be 3 to 5 millimetres longer than your natural lashes. The diameter of the extensions should also match your natural lashes’ diameter as closely as possible.


There are many different types of eyelash extensions styles, and the above suggestions are based on the beauty, but we never beat your personal likes and dislikes. So, choose an eyelash extensions style according to your unique personality and styles. Find the good lash technician with a rich experience that to give great results.

Hopefully, you like this information, if you have any questions and suggestions on this article kindly put them in the comment box below.  

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