Best Eyelash Extensions Before and After Pics

Many people say a picture worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to eyelash extensions before and after pics. If you’re trying to decide between a natural look and a more dramatic look, then here we are listed some of the eyelash extensions before and after pics.

Eyelash extensions before and after pics are an excellent way you can choose your desired look and discuss with your lash artist. They will be able to quickly see which techniques and styles you would like to get.

Remember, in order to achieve the best look and great result, it is important to consider your eye shape and natural lashes first. Your lash artist will guide you through your lash extensions journey in finding a desired look.

In this article, we shared several eyelash extensions before and after pics and videos. So, you can choose from them.

Best Eyelash Extensions Before and After Pictures

Longer, Fuller, and luscious eyelash extensions:

Best Eyelash Extensions before and After Pictures

Volume Lashes: The Volume Lashes are one step up from the Classic lash extensions and the volume lash extension gives you a natural look. The Volume Lash extensions adds some volume and length to your lashes that gives you some serious glamour and full look.

Volume eyelash extensions before and after picture

In this picture applied a full volume set of lash extensions, and also, you can see beautiful eyelash extensions before and after the picture.

Before and after pics of mega volume lashes: Mega Volume Lash is a new and more advanced type of Volume lash extensions. This type of lash uses very light and thin extensions to create a look for you.

Mega volume lashes have their own category of lashes, and give you the bold and beautiful look as you can see in the above picture.

The Volume full set for a fully dramatic look Picture

Volume full set for a fully dramatic look

Hybrid Lashes: The Hybrid Lash extension type is a new type of lash treatment and the Hybrid lash extension is a mixture of both Classic Lash Extension and Volume Lash Extensions. The Hybrid Lashes gives you an natural look, when applied properly by an expert.

Hybrid Lashes

Classic Lash Extensions: Classic Lashes are the most popular type of Eyelash extensions. Classic eyelash extensions are simple, beautiful, attractive and natural looking eyelash extensions. The classic eyelash extensions are a perfect choice for those who already have naturally long and thick eyelashes.

Classic Lash Extensions

Doll Look lash extensions

Doll Look lash extensions


We hope that you like these eyelash extensions before and after pictures. Remember, choosing the right style that fits your daily life in very important, and you may enjoy the end results.

If you have any questions and suggestions kindly put them in the comment box below. 


Can Eyelash Extensions damage your natural lashes? 

It is a myth that Eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes. The Eyelash extensions are safe and do not affect the natural lashes, when done properly by a specialist. 

Do Eyelash Extensions Look natural?

Yes, the Eyelash Extensions look natural. But fuller and dramatic star-like. 

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